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What it feels like to be there…

Every so often geography and geology throw us a nice surprise. Sochi is a warm spa town on the Black Sea coast and its neighbour Polyana is a great ski resort in the Western Caucasus. Together they create a fabulous adventure double act, allowing you to ski down a pristine piste then hit the beach for a scuba dive an hour or so later.

What to do there…

Sochi/Polyana are packed with activities and perfect for 7 days:

  • Major: Spa/Massage, Lake-swimming, Scuba-diving, Hot-air-ballooning, Sky-diving, Horse-riding, Skiing/Snowboarding, Heli-skiing, Cross-country-ski, Cultural-visits, Historical-sites Hiking.
  • Other: Swimming, Gym/Fitness, Cycling, Tennis, Kid-friendly.

Where to stay…

Choose a seaside or mountain base, safe in the knowledge you can do all the available activities from either. 5* Rodina Grand Hotel & Spa is an imperious naval palace with opulent décor and world-class wellness centre. 5* Grand Hotel Polyana is a new luxury ski and spa resort, with amenity-rich rooms, stylish wooden villas and a private cable car station.

Some practical information worth knowing…

  • Travel: Adler/Sochi Airport is 2.5h from Moscow, 3.5h from St Petersburg. Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana is about 1h by car.
  • Weather: mild to warm and humid all year round in Sochi; mild May-Oct and cold and snowy Nov-Apr in Polyana.

What the AdventureTemples travel community says…

It is fabulous to find a hidden gem and right now Sochi is just that: a little wonderland where few from outside Eastern Europe have ever been. With the 2014 Winter Olympics looming, this place is only going to get bigger. Fortunately with so much attention on its way, Russia wants it done right, so bigger should mean better. We say go now for that ‘I was there’ feeling when the Games hit your TV screen.

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