AT43- Captivating Cappadocia

One week from £1095pp – based on 2 sharing, including flights and B&B accommodation at a featured hotel

What it feels like to be there…

The rock fairy chimneys and carved-out temples of Cappadocia are simply incredible. Its weather-worn landscape, so unlike anywhere else on Earth, must be seen to be believed. Add to that the enormous hewn tunnels and sculpted mansion houses and it’s as if man and nature have worked together to create an adventure wonderland.

What to do there…

Cappadocia is packed with activities and perfect for 7 to 10 days:

  • Major: Hiking, Nature-walks, Horse-riding, Hot-air-ballooning, Rafting, Skiing/Snowboarding, Cultural-visits, Historical-sites, Spa/Massage.
  • Other: Turkish-bath, Wine-tasting, Swimming, Sauna.

Where to stay…

5* Anatolian Houses marries luxury service with real character. Built in the traditional style with carved stones, its bedroom suites are set into caves. The hotel is filled with local art and oozes charm. A great alternative is 5* Argos in Cappadocia, with grand mansion house rooms and underground suites with private cave pools.

Some practical information worth knowing…

  • Travel: Istanbul to Nevsehir is 1-1.5h flight, then <1h drive; alternatively Kayseri 1.5h flight, 1.5h drive.
  • Weather: mostly dry all year, hot Jun-Sep, cool Dec-Feb.

What the AdventureTemples travel community says…

As much as we love adventure, we also appreciate coming home to a luxury retreat. After a day out horse-riding or trekking through the fairy chimneys, you are in for a simple yet wonderful surprise. Never have you been in a room more peaceful, dark and pleasantly cool, until you have slept in a Cappadocian cave. Close your door, turn out the lights and let the world melt away.

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