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One week from £3195pp – based on 2 sharing, including flights and FB accommodation at a featured hotel

What it feels like to be there…

Climbing through the twisted vines of the forest, accompanied by armed rangers, you know you are on an adventure. Up ahead in the steamy jungle something is stirring. Then you catch sight of a mighty Silverback, standing his ground as his babies frolic almost within your reach. So intimate a family, so wild and yet so human.

What to do there…

Bwindi is packed with activities and perfect for 4-7 days:

  • Major: Gorilla-watching, Jungle-treks, Cultural-visits, Mountain-biking, Bird-watching, Photography, Nature-walks.
  • Other: Dance, Community-projects, Spa/Massage.

Where to stay…

5* Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is the Silverback of Bwindi hotels. Eight volcanic stone cottages surround a grand central lodge, with sumptuous sofas and views across the botanical gardens to the cloudy mountains beyond. Your butler will pander to your every whim, setting you a roaring fire, ready for the cool mountain nights.

Some practical information worth knowing…

  • Travel: Bwindi is a 1.5-2h flight or 8h drive from Entebbe. Jinja is 1.5-2h drive from Kampala/Entebbe.
  • Weather: hot and humid all year round, wet Mar-May.

What the AdventureTemples travel community says…

There is nothing quite like meeting a troop of Gorillas in the wild. They exude raw power yet treat each other with such tenderness. Soak it up and, if you can, go back for more. You will sense changing moods and social dynamics. But take time to see the area too. The volcanoes and forest valleys are a thing of beauty, and visits to the local communities are always rewarding.

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