AT26 – Pleasure & Paine

One week from £3395pp – based on 2 sharing, including flights and AI accommodation at a featured hotel

What it feels like to be there…

The giant twisting rock towers of Torres del Paine, deep in Southern Patagonia, climb majestically out of a fairytale landscape where tiny snowflakes sparkle like falling crystals in the sunshine, flowers pop out through frozen meadows and out-of-place pink flamingos stand in an iceberg filled lake.

What to do there…

Torres del Paine is packed with activities and perfect for 7 days:

  • Major: Hiking, Nature-walks, Horse-riding, Boat-trips, Glacier-treks, Photography, Ecology, Spa/Massage.
  • Other: Wine-tasting, Ranch-visits, Swimming, Jacuzzi, Gym/Fitness.

Where to stay…

5* Hotel Salto Chico is the perfect place to experience the wonder of Torres del Paine, with the best views, facilities and their own stables. Adventure guides flock from all over the world to study here, such is their dedication to service. 5* Patagonia Camp is an exciting, eco-alternative, with luxury yurts around a stylish central lodge.

Some practical information worth knowing…

  • Travel: Santiago to Torres del Paine is 3.5-4h flight (to Punta Arenas) and 5-5.5h drive. Santiago to Portillo is 1.5-2h drive.
  • Weather: Santiago is warm and dry year round, Torres del Paine is cold and dry, with snow Jun-Sep.

What the AdventureTemples travel community says…

There is something truly special about returning from an exciting day’s hike, lying back in a hot tub in a frozen wilderness and sipping champagne while your damp hair freezes and turns crunchy. Or taking a horse-ride through the snow to a lake where a great glacier ‘seeds’ sky-blue icebergs that float gently towards you. These are the moments that make Torres del Paine fantastical.

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