AT16 – Rainforest Reef

One week from £1850pp – based on 2 sharing, including flights and B&B accommodation at a featured hotel

What it feels like to be there…

The Great Barrier Reef is an immense and beautiful natural wonder. Teeming with life and colour, it would take more than 10 hours to drive its length. The warm sea laps the white-golden sands of the surrounding islands and coasts, and jungle palms flutter and wave back at the giant clams and turtles in the shallows.

What to do there…

The Barrier Reef is packed with activities and perfect for 7 days:

  • Major: Sailing, Scuba-diving, Sea-kayaking, Boat-trips, Spa/Massage, Wine-tasting.
  • Other: Snorkelling, Swimming, Gym/Fitness, Golf, Library.

Where to stay…

5* Qualia sits on the white-sand jungle islands of the Whitsundays at the south end of the Barrier Reef. Dedicated to sensory experiences, the blend of exciting water sports, relaxing spas and fine dining make it a magnificent resort. 5* Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas, at the north end, is a great alternative, with direct access to rainforests and reef.

Some practical information worth knowing…

  • Travel: Hamilton Island is 1.5h from Cairns or Brisbane by air, 2-3h from Sydney and Melbourne. Port Douglas and Daintree are 1-2h north of Cairns by car.
  • Weather: hot and wet year round (dryer in winter, Jun-Aug)

What the AdventureTemples travel community says…

The Barrier Reef is one of the best places in the world to get a perfect aquarium-style underwater view. It is so huge, bright and interesting at relatively shallow depths that even non-divers see it in style. The decadent hotels and yachts offer plenty of relaxing luxuriousness to accompany the exciting adventures on the water.

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