Country – Tanzania

What it feels like to be there…

Tanzania’s safari parks are a vision of the world early man must have encountered: luscious forests, warm plains, plentiful prey and savage predators. Life plays out in front of you like a nature documentary, bringing home the wonder of man’s ability to adapt and survive. Grab a scuba tank and see the warm waters – filled with beautiful corals, dolphins and turtles – in a way your ancestors could only dream of.

Some practical information worth knowing…

Dar Es Salaam is the main travel hub airport (also Nairobi, Kenya) and local airlines can be used to many smaller airports across the country. The boat to Zanzibar is a fun alternative way to arrive, but overland journeys elsewhere, while beautiful, are often long, hot and dusty. Get your safari khakis out and insist on a 4×4!


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