Our future plans

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AdventureTemples’ mission is to become the world leading brand in luxury adventure holidays.

To build on the early success of our online community, we have released the definitive guidebook to luxury adventure holidays and created a world-class travel service to help turn inspirational ideas into action.

Over the next 3 years, we have an ambitious but realistic growth plan, designed to expand our geographical coverage and range of services in 5 key ways:

  • We will roll-out our travel service to the United States and mainland Europe, so we can serve our community members and customers there, from their own geography
  • We will open ‘Adventure Butler’ concierge services in luxury accommodation around the world, in sites chosen by our community as the best ‘up and coming’ adventure locations
  • We will open a chain of specialist luxury adventure hotels under the AdventureTemples flag, in sites chosen by our community as the most exciting locations in the world
  • We will regularly update our guidebooks on the best luxury adventure holidays in the world, and produce new info-guides on relevant topics, as proposed by our community
  • We will continue to grow, promote and support our community, through a range of events, seminars, competitions and exhibitions.

If you, or your company, want to be a part of the AdventureTemples story, we are always open to new ideas, partnerships and projects. Please do get in touch.



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