Hotel – Engholm Husky Lodges

3* Engholm’s Husky Lodges is situated next to Karasjohka river, 6 km outside of Karasjok. The carefully designed log houses were built furnished and beautifully decorated by Sven Engholm himself, and each has a special personality and charm. The wood heated sauna is wonderfully cosy and the outdoor hot tub is always popular.

At the heart of the lodges is the ‘Barta’, a special turf covered log house where guests gather around the open fire on reindeer furs, for great local food and drinks. The Husky troupe you will venture out with each day consists of 40-50 highly trained sled dogs for long-distance racing, expeditions and tours. If you decide to relax by the waterside, conditions are always good for fishing salmon in Karasjok river (200m). Char, trout and pike can be caught in the lakes nearby.



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