Hotel – Grand Hotel Polyana

Situated in Sochi National Park at the very heart of Krasnaya Polyana and surrounded by majestic peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, the contemporary and comfortable 5* Grand Hotel Polyana captures the spirit of untouched nature. Unique canyons, waterfalls, picturesque meadows, caves, rich flora and wildlife combine to offer the ultimate leisure experience for a sophisticated traveller.

It’s easy to find fun things to do in any season here: take advantage of perfect winter conditions for snowboarding or alpine skiing, indulge in a relaxing spa-therapy, or have a glass of warm mulled wine while enjoying live performances of our musicians. During the summer take time to discover the picturesque places in Krasnaya Polyana with a jeep/equestrian or cycling tour, enjoy trout fishing or dance the night away in the cosmopolitan lounge bar. This is on of the best resorts in Russia and a popular holiday destination for country’s new elite, situated right where exceptional value meets unmatched location.



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