Hotel – Vigilius Mountain Resort

With 5* Vigilius Mountain Resort, the luxury of simplicity has truly arrived. The aromatic fragrance of the larches pervades the pleasant fresh mountain air. Look out on a scene of tranquillity, at 1500 meters altitude, the resort comes alive, patterned on nature. You are in good hands: the warmth and immediacy of the materials, wood, clay, and linen, is reflected in the natural cordiality of the people who are here for you.


The hotel is elegantly embedded in the surrounding landscape of the car-free Vigiljoch in South Tyrol. Accessible by cable car within a few minutes from the village of Lana in the Isarco valley, the hotel features a marvellous view of the distant Dolomites and the surrounding mountain scenery. Get out in the open air and enjoy the healthy buzz of activity and adventure.


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