How to Find and Book the Perfect Holiday with Our New Practical, Free Mini-guide

There are lots of reasons people end up on underwhelming holidays. However, the good news is that, according to the experts in our luxury adventure travel community, almost all the common mistakes are preventable – with the right preparation or advice. Even better, with our community we have produced a new, free guide to help others to get it right for themselves, and offer free guidance and support too, online.

So, what are the problems that holidaymakers feel spoil their holidays? Community founder, Rob Pendleton, explains.

“The 10 most common travel pitfalls, according to our members, are:
1. I wanted excitement and adventure, but I got bed bugs and backpacker groups
2. I wanted to experience a country’s culture, but I ended up endlessly repacking and getting on a bus
3. I really wanted to try X, but with limited time off I couldn’t risk getting stuck for a week if I didn’t like it
4. I wanted ‘this’ holiday, but my travel partner wanted ‘that’
5. I found a nice-looking hotel and crossed my fingers I would find something good to do locally
6. There was so much information on the internet that I didn’t know who or what to trust, so I guessed
7. I wanted to try something different this year, but I didn’t have time to research it, so I went back to somewhere I knew
8. The review sites said our hotel was 4/5, but they must have been written by someone with very different expectations
9. My hotel seemed like a bargain, but it just meant all the good activities were ridiculously expensive
10. I took a guidebook, but the information was very generic and out of date.”

After interviewing hundreds of holidaymakers, and tourism professionals, Rob put together the AdventureTemples mini-guide, ‘How to find the perfect holiday’. This shares examples of why people fell into the 10 traps above, what they could have done differently, and details an effective, easy to follow process for booking the perfect holiday.

If one or more of these problems has struck a chord; to get the mini-guide, simply register (free) on the community website. The site has over 300 useful discussion forums about activities, destinations and tourism hot-topics, with new travel stories every fortnight on our  ‘Luxplorers’ Blog. Or, for the very latest in Luxury Adventure Travel, follow @adventuretemple on Twitter and join their regular tweet-casts to speak with community founders and selected experts.

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How to Find and Book the Perfect Holiday with Our New Practical, Free Mini-guide


  1. Emelda said: On May 31, 2012

    This is a really very brilliant source for me when I am planning a holiday. I just down loaded it (very easy even for me!) and have had a quick look (I am at work!).

    I just wish to say ‘thank you’ because never before have I seen something like this so helpful and simple and FREE! It has made me see where I go wrong (i got over half of the ‘travel pit falls!) and also tells me how to avoid doing that again!

    I will be asking your experts some questions when I know all of the tips and tricks in this guide!

    Thank you again from Emelda.

  2. Kevin said: On June 1, 2012

    Thanks for this, cant recommend it enough. The easy to use table of priorities was exactly what me and the wife needed to decide what we actually want out of a holiday instead of going for the standard beach holiday. Going to have a think over the long weekend and hopefully be in touch.

    Cheers, Kev

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