Region – Central America & Caribbean

What it feels like to be there…

The Mayans had a reputation for brutality, ritual sacrifice and temple building. Happily, the latter is the only legacy they left us, although the natural environment is almost worth the risk of becoming an ‘offering’! The region is densely packed with an array of splendours, from near-impenetrable jungle, cool mountain ranges and fertile coffee-scented valleys, to white sandy beaches and wild waters.

Some practical information worth knowing…

The travel hubs of the US, especially Miami, tend to serve this region well, but some of the national capitals now have direct services from the European super-airports. On arrival, local charter flights can be expensive and the quality of road infrastructure varies.

Climate-wise, this region is famous for perfect sunshine. Well… nearly: on the Caribbean coast (July-Oct) you will need to keep an ear out for the odd hurricane and the rainforests obviously get wet.

Obtaining local currency with bank cards can be tricky outside tourist areas, but US dollars are also widely accepted. Spanish is the main language, but these days English is generally quite well understood.


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