Region – Central & Eastern Europe

What it feels like to be there…

For many people this region conjures up visions of spy dramas and narrow escapes. The Communist era in the East left behind lots of interesting sights and a few strange practices. But the region’s beautiful landscapes, grand castles and homely food are a recipe for pure enjoyment. Relax and be prepared for exciting surprises!

Some practical information worth knowing…

This region is easily reached using connecting flights from all the European super-airports. Cheap flights are common even to smaller cities in tourist areas. The road network is generally good.

In the former Communist states, some architecture, infrastructure and furnishing styles look functional or dated to a Western eye. The service style is also often perceived as abrupt because here it is good manners to be unobtrusive, not familiar or hands on.

Visas can usually be obtained on arrival now, but queues can take time. Getting money from bank machines, airports and hotels is largely straightforward, especially in urban areas.


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