Region – Central & Southern Africa

What it feels like to be there…

Since the dawn of humanity we have been fascinated and frightened by Africa’s landscape and wildlife. As children we learn about lions, elephants and gorillas in the jungle before we can even name the town we live in. In our mind’s eye Africa is a place for great adventures, from trekking into rainforests, across plains and rolling dunes, to admiring the coral islands and luscious deltas.

Some practical information worth knowing…

Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Cape Town and Johannesburg are the main airports in the region, but other national carriers have decent connections to the main European air hubs. Local flights can be costly, especially charters, but the road infrastructure is often only penetrable by 4×4 outside the cities, so it can be a good option.

The heat of the day bakes the earth hard, but temperatures drop away rapidly at night. Pack a warm fleece and windcheater for the evenings, and light, breathable clothes for the day.

Visas can usually be arranged on arrival, but you will need US dollars to cover the fees ($20-50pp). Dollars are widely accepted for other payments, but local currencies can be obtained relatively easily in the more modern towns, airports and banks.


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