Region – Middle East & North Africa

What it feels like to be there…

This region conjures up images of ancient adventures: a windswept camel rider at a luscious desert oasis; or an explorer unearthing a temple in a hidden canyon. From the moment you arrive, you get that intrepid feeling travellers crave. Dive the Red Sea, trek a mountain, climb the huge rock stacks in the local wadis, then in the balmy evening sit down and relax with a fragrant, heady hookah.

Some practical information worth knowing…

There are direct flights from most European capitals to all the capital cities and main tourist areas in the region. Local infrastructure is highly variable, with major roads generally good but local ones often little more than dirt tracks.

The weather is hot – very hot – so pack light fabric clothes with long sleeves to protect from sunburn, and show respect for local customs.

Visas can generally be obtained on arrival, but some countries have special regulations for Israelis and people who have visited Israel. Local currency is best obtained from airports and hotels.


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