Region – North America

What it feels like to be there…

It might be a cliché to say everything in North America is big, but when it comes to excitement and adventure that’s just how we like it. The relative prosperity of the region also offers a wealth of luxurious hotels and spas, and some great fine dining, to help you really relax as well.

Some practical information worth knowing…

There are at least 10 major travel hub airports in North America and regional connecting flights overlap too, so you should have plenty of route options. Try to land as close as you can to your hotel because the speed limits can be frustrating unless you like road trips.

As you go North, especially in the mountains, things get cold, so invest in some good base layers and a ski jacket. That said, the numbers of sunshine hours are generally stacked in your favour.

French is widely spoken in Canada and Spanish across much of America, but you will find other migrants ‘quarters’ in most major cities and beyond.


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