Region – Northern Europe

What it feels like to be there…

Much of far-northern Europe is freezing outside but warm to the core, with stylish wood-clad buildings, friendly peoples and the odd volcano. Enjoy your time in the snow and warm up with a hearty meal or sauna before popping out to try and spot the mysterious Northern Lights.

Some practical information worth knowing…

The European super-airports act as travel hubs, but every capital and major tourist area is serviced by air these days. Road quality is generally excellent, but in the frozen far north the occasional snow drift can cause minor delays.

Dress for very chilly conditions outside, but remember that the log fires and under-floor heating will make it nice and cosy indoors.

Visas can be obtained on arrival by most travellers, and local currency is readily available from the airport or banks, cash machines and hotels in all towns.


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