Region – South-East Asia

What it feels like to be there…

When you think of South East Asia you imagine a world of sizzling street foods, meditating monks, ornate carvings lacquered in gold, limestone cliffs and islands rising out of turquoise seas. And it is this last image that makes the region a paradise for intrepid adventurers. Try some of the world’s best locations for rock-climbing, scuba-diving, caving or jungle treks, or get massaged into submission.

Some practical information worth knowing…

The main travel hubs are Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and from these the region is well served by national and cheap-flight carriers. Getting around quickly and comfortably is straightforward.

South East Asia is primarily tropical, so it is hot and humid all year round. It is affected by two annual monsoons (Indian Ocean side and Pacific side), but the rain is usually confined to short downpours in the late afternoon, so don’t be put off.

European languages are understood in tourist areas, especially English. Getting money from cash machines is easy with any major card provider, especially in airports, hotels, banks and mini-markets.


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