Region – Southern Europe

What it feels like to be there…

The Mediterranean region has always been a foodie’s paradise. For thousands of years the wealth of produce has sustained a tapestry of cultures and civilisations, all leaving their mark. What better way to relax after a challenging mountain adventure than to descend to castles and palaces and feast on the finest cuisine known to man?

Some practical information worth knowing…

Intercontinental travel mostly arrives via the super-airports in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and Amsterdam, but all the capitals and many other cities are superbly well connected. Flights within the region are frequent and often good value if booked well in advance. Otherwise, the road network is generally good for overland journeys.

The weather in Southern Europe is beautifully temperate, rarely getting uncomfortably hot or cold. The main exception is high in the mountains where wind chill can be bitingly cold. Layers and a good wind-proof jacket should fix that though.

The vast majority of nationalities are eligible for visas on arrival, and wide adoption of the Euro has made getting money for the trip easy.


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