Region – Western Asia

What it feels like to be there…

From the highest point on earth, up in the Himalayas, down to the many splendid coral islands in the Indian Ocean, this region can genuinely claim to have all things for all adventurers. More than that, the rich tapestry of temples, cultures, foods and people offers inspiration and intrigue at every turn. Find or lose yourself with equal ease as you revel in all that continental Asia has to offer.

Some practical information worth knowing…

The main travel hubs in the region are the Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi, though lots of other capitals now have direct flights from big cities around the world.

The weather varies enormously, but it’s safe to say it is usually cold in the high mountains of the north and hot on the tropical beaches in the south. The Indian Ocean monsoons can make late afternoons pretty wet in warmer months too.

Aim to get the currency you need at your arrival airport or the hotel because banking in rural areas can be difficult. English is very widely spoken and other European languages are known in tourist areas.


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