Try a ‘Taster’ activity

We know that a great holiday can be the highlight of your year and getting it just right can feel quite a challenge. If you are considering a trip based around an activity you don’t practice regularly, and are worried about taking the plunge, why not let us help you make the right decision with a ‘taster’ session, near where you live?

This external online video was produced by real travellers. Apologies if their language or content causes offence.

We can arrange a local ‘taster’ session of almost any of the activities and experiences we offer on our holidays, in your country, before you fly. And nearly all the sessions are under £100 per person, so this is a great value way to warm up for your trip of a lifetime!

For example, it won’t have the magic of the Maldives, but a scuba try-out in a local swimming pool will show you the basics and make sure you enjoy the sensation of spending time underwater. Many of our partner organisations also have clubs you can join, so you can enjoy your holiday feeling again and again, and share your experiences with like minded individuals in your area.

To get our help to set a ‘Taster’ session up, call now on 0843 508 5005.

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